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Unfair Competition

Unfair Competition under Section 43(a), also known as 15 USCA 1125, is a powerful tool for small business owners and individuals. It functions as a sword for the innocent man, a white knight of justice if you will, against wrongdoers. In the most casual terms, Sec. 43(a) possesses the following powers:

  1. It stops someone from using a false designation of origin, misleading descriptions or representations of fact, or another’s mark in a way that
    1. causes confusion, mistake, affiliation, or association with you and your goods, services, or commercial activity, OR
    2. uses commercial advertising to misrepresent the nature, characteristics, qualities, or geographic origin of you and your goods, services, or commercial activity

This statute protects people as individuals, as their good or services, and as their commercial ventures. At Hibbs Law, LLC we will evaluate your unique circumstances and provide you with all the options. As with our trademark services, we can provide actions ranging from cease and desist letters to litigation.