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Client Services

As a Chicago area Intellectual Property Boutique law firm, Hibbs Law, LLC focuses on only a few select and interrelated areas of intellectual property and regulatory law. Intellectual Property law is governed by a group of federal and state laws and regulations designed to protect intellectual property, which can include a variety of artistic, scientific, agricultural, and industrial creations. 

At Hibbs Law, LLC, we strive to create a positive impact on our greater Chicago area community by providing superior-quality legal services for our clients in the protection of their civil rights and intellectual property. We offer:

Superiorly-tailored Services

Your legal matter is as unique as you, which is why Hibbs Law, LLC customizes every case to optimize our services and your results. When Hibbs Law, LLC first takes your case, we examine not only the legal matter itself but also the types of legal processes at play in order to best tailor our services to fit your unique situation. You will know how your legal matter is progressing, understand what to expect, and know that you have all updates. The details and nuances of the law will be comprehensively explained to you, allowing you to make fully informed decisions.

Transparency and Feedback

Hibbs Law, LLC seeks positive change through integrity and empowerment. Focused on supporting our community and small businesses, our clients are never just a number. The people we help, and the causes we pursue are what make us who we are. Periodically and at the conclusion of legal services, Hibbs Law, LLC provides an itemized report of the time spent on your intellectual property legal matter. We also offer regular feedback surveys to continually ensure that our services meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Integrity and Civility

The highest form of professionalism is civility. Some attorneys may try to create drama by fighting for the sake of being antagonistic, but this profession demands more. Attorneys are empowered with the authority of the court, and as its representatives, our integrity in the legal process must be beyond reproach. If you will fight, fight fair. At Hibbs Law, LLC, there is a difference between advocating in your client’s best interest, and sacrificing professionalism for petty gains. True and lasting success flows from superior maneuvering within procedural and analytical boundaries, based on good factual footing, and delivered with integrity and civility. When represented by Hibbs Law, LLC, your position is handled with savvy, amicability, and poise.

Flexible Fee Structure

Hibbs Law, LLC strives to provide realistic, affordable rates. With structured billing agreements and flat rates for some services, individuals and small business owners can better plan for their future when they know what to expect in legal costs for their intellectual property and regulatory compliance legal matters.

We Work In the Cloud

At Hibbs Law, LLC, we decided from the outset that our operations would be sleek and technology-friendly. As a small firm, we are able to utilize cloud technology and app software to the utmost. Keeping overhead costs low and saving time gives us the flexibility to target the needs of small businesses, nonprofits and charities, and individuals. These technological best practices represent the new face of firm operations, and we bring that advantage to our clients’ regulatory and intellectual property needs.

Efficiency, Not Luxury

Many firms seem to equate lavish displays of wealth with quality legal services, but a great firm is made great by its attorneys. The law is a system of rules and procedure, and often fought between two opposing sides. Much like knights of Medieval jousting, an attorney may have an extravagant retinue or a few loyal thanes, and may possess elaborate armor or plain mail. While all these supports may aid or bolster an attorney to different degrees, it still comes down to one warrior’s skill against the other. All of the extravagances in the world cannot stand against raw, intuitive capability and passion. The current legal, technological, and economic environment readily places infinite resources at our fingertips, which is a boon to small, flexible organizations like ours.